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This article is printed with the permission of the Iowa Farm Bureau

Ankeny Agribusiness Software Company Earns Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur of the Month Award

Posted:1/28/2010 2:42:11 PM

AgVision Agribusiness Software wins high praise from farmers who increasingly rely on their expertise to navigate complicated flow charts of business dealings with grain elevators, agriculture retailers, seed processors, feed manufacturers, ethanol plants and more. The companys respected track record and customer service has helped AgVision Agribusiness Software win the Renew Rural Iowa entrepreneur of the month award.

Jose and Shelley Laracuente purchased the company 14 years ago and since then have developed the accounting software company into a valuable asset for rural Iowans who need to chart their financial positions, create sales and purchase contracts, process inventory - virtually anything that todays farmer needs to ensure continued financial stability. I see their product is providing a service to ag retailers and farmers in rural Iowa and makes these businesses more efficient, hopefully more profitable, and will also help make those dollars roll over out in rural Iowa to help the economy out there, says Steve Lee, Polk County farmer.

Customers also have high praise for AgVision Agribusiness Softwares ability to stay cutting edge but still relatable. Our customers have multiple locations and need to move data back and forth and our ability to troubleshoot and support our products remotely has improved, we dont need to hop on a plane, we can do it from here, says AgVision CEO and President Jose Laracuente.

A well-run, small Iowa company has the ability to impact many in the community beyond their customer base. Tim Moerman, City of Ankeny Economic Development Director, agrees. The city of Ankeny provides good career opportunities for many local people in the area and has a plan for good growth in the future and were just happy to have them around. They have a strong vision for where they want to go so as tech changes, as ag changes, theyre in a good position to keep growing and keep providing those jobs, said Morman.

Farm Bureaus Renew Rural Iowa program helps new and existing businesses grow and develop to achieve their best financial success. For more information about Renew Rural Iowa or upcoming Venture Net business mentoring seminars, call 800-254-9670 or log on to the Renew Rural Iowa website at


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